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Appealing & Practical Area Rugs in Mississauga, ON

Area Rugs in Mississauga, ON

Make sure any home redecorating projects you do include area rugs in Mississauga, ON. These rugs serve two roles -- beauty and functionality. For a wonderful selection of stylish accent rugs in a wide array of brands, colors, and patterns, come into the flooring showroom at Dundas Carpet & Flooring.

Our showroom is a well-organized space where you can find that perfect finishing touch that takes your home décor to the next level. In fact, in our area rug store, you’ll find our friendly sales and design professionals waiting to help you. These experts have extensive knowledge of our product brands, as well as training in design. Just ask us to give you a hand.

The Role of Rugs in Beautifying a Space

You’ve likely walked into a house where you’ve noticed a stunning area rug, perhaps in the grand foyer to welcome you inside or in the living room to designate a conversation area. Rugs add so much to a space--color, style, and texture--all while uniting the design elements into one harmonious whole.

It may seem simple to pick out the perfect accent rug, and it is when you have the selection in our showroom and assistance of our sales and design professionals. We can work with the style and colors in your space to select rugs that heighten the appeal of your room. With our long years of experience, we’ve found that every room--even ones with carpeting--look even better with the placement of one or more area rugs.

The Role of Rugs in Protecting Your Flooring

However, rugs are more than just pretty accents to the space. They serve necessary and practical purposes as well. The most important is the protection of your flooring. By layering area rugs in high-traffic areas, you safeguard your flooring from damage and extend its working life.

As a homeowner, you’re likely aware that flooring has enemies everywhere. These could be anything or anyone. For instance, mishaps that result from children playing or accidents that happen because pets aren’t perfect. Before these occur, lay a rug to preserve your floor coverings.

Another enemy of rugs is damage that occurs from furniture. The weight of a sectional or bookshelf at rest or on the move can scratch hard surfaces and wear away at the nap of carpeting. By placing an area rug underneath furniture, it has an extra layer of protection.

You know, even high-heeled shoes have the potential to mar your perfect flooring. This doesn’t have to happen with beauty and safety offered by area rugs. Ask us to assist you in matching rugs to your décor.


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