Luxury Vinyl Flooring

luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Mississauga, ON

luxury vinyl flooring in mississauga, on
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Renovate your home while keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket by choosing luxury vinyl for your floors. Our reputable store offers great deals on gorgeous luxury vinyl flooring for homes and businesses of every size and dimension. When you want to enhance the value and appearance of your home, a luxury vinyl flooring installation is a smart choice. Luxury vinyl combines looks, durability, and affordability for a flooring product that works well throughout any room or area on your property.

Our luxury vinyl flooring store is backed by the buying power of one of North America’s largest floor retailers. This allows us to bring you top-quality goods at unbeatably low prices. Find out just how much you can save by contacting us or stopping by our showroom.

Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile for an Elegant Aesthetic

Embrace the elegance of tile without paying the high cost. Luxury vinyl tile allows you to enjoy the same classy, traditional look of tile flooring at just a fraction of the usual price. With so many different patterns available, there is sure to be an LVT product perfect for your specific design goals. Let our helpful staff members guide you through our vast showroom and give you recommendations based on your wants and needs.

Mimic Real Wood with our Luxury Plank Flooring

Bring the warmth of hardwood into your home with our luxury plank flooring. Vinyl plank floors imitate the appearance of natural wooden floors at a much lower price tag. Thanks to the clever construction of vinyl flooring, these floors can mimic the look of any wood species, stain, or finish. Explore our showroom to find out about the many different options available to you.

How to Maintain This Resilient Flooring

Homeowners throughout the nation love luxury vinyl because it is not only highly resilient flooring but also it is easy to maintain. To keep it clean on a day-to-day basis, sweep or vacuum the floor regularly. Please note that we advise against using vacuums with beater bars. When the floor begins looking dirty or stained, simply mop it with water and a safe, diluted cleaner. Our staff members are always happy to recommend a cleaner that works well with vinyl.

To keep your luxury vinyl flooring in the best shape possible, we recommend placing a felt pad on the bottom of any furniture that may scratch or scrape the floor. If the room receives a lot of sunlight, you should use drapes or blinds to block the sunlight during peak hours, since too much sun can “bleach” the floor’s appearance.

Advantages of Choosing Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation

Elevate your home’s design with luxury vinyl flooring installation by our professionals. Due to its unique construction, luxury vinyl is on the cutting edge of interior design products. It is built to last and offers almost unlimited design potential thanks to its ability to take on nearly any appearance. Whether you prefer a more subdued and neutral look or love bold colors and eye-catching patterns, there is a vinyl product for you.


Contact our helpful staff members if you have any questions about the luxury vinyl flooring products available in our store. We proudly serve Mississauga, Ontario, and the surrounding areas.


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